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Been Restructuring Clothes, Therefore Getting New Ones

Cuffs on a shirt at my elbows? Heck no! Took the cuffs off, shortened the sleeve, much cuter now! Same size new jeans that are longer than the old ones? Hem them up! Same with the linen/rayon lightweight pants for these hot summer days, same size, but one longer than the other. Hemmed those too. What upcycling/renovating clothes have you done this summer?

Now back to quilting! Finishing up a large project of a number of mini quilt "squares" with the theme of cultural fabrics from Hawaii, Australia, Indigenous North America, Mexico, Peru, Egypt, Ghana, maps of the world, still missing a few. All to be connected by small pieces of fabric that remind me of pyramids. I looked up where there are pyramids in the world. All over!!!!! So back to bringing together the right fabrics to finish them off and put it all together.

Next project will be using a quilt the a friend took apart of her grandmother's, using the good parts and adding fabric to go with it to pass on to her grandchildren.


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