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Gifts & Everyday Needs

Just as a quilt can cuddle a child, so does their loved doll or animal stuffy need to be cuddled! Just ask a child...

Give a gift of baby swaddling in a cozy flannel receiving blanket. What a lovely concept, to “receive” these new precious little ones! 

Pillowcases for Dreaming

Lay your head down

Declare what you want to dream

A beautiful garden?  Have you planted your seeds?

Snuggling with your favorite teddy bear?

Is your cat purring beside you?   Or still playing?

Are you a teen who has a crush on someone?  Go to sleep on a cloud of love in your heart.

Have you finished that book and now look forward to the next adventure?

Maybe your mind and heart are in the stars.

Sleep well my friend……..zzzzzzzzz

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