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Health is personal as well as public and political. There is a spectrum upon which people place themselves to consider that they are healthy, they eat healthy, they live in a healthy way. I will simply be writing what I believe to be health and a healthy way of living. I will provide links to statistics, suggestions, offers to check out research done.

One thing I will say here right up front, eat organic!!!!!! Pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, fertilizer made from petroleum are all poisons that rob the soil of its nutrients and tiny "animals" and bacteria that help the soil and the plants grow in a healthy way. Using compost, permaculture practices and natural methods all create sustainability on a farm. These practices also help the environment by keeping top soil where it is, sequestering carbon to cut down on greenhouse gases, retaining water because the soil is not as compacted. Please see the sidebar box "Bay Friendly Gardening" for more information. Even though this website is particular to the San Francisco Bay Area, it applies to any area as well.


Please wear a mask

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