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My Tiny House on Wheels and Beyond

People often ask me, what made you want to build a tiny house?  There were a number of things that brought me to design and build my house. I brought my children up in a 750 sq ft cottage, that also fit a bunch of their friends on weekend evenings. I thought that once I had my dream of land I would recreate that design. Then I learned of tiny houses which my stepson has been building in British Columbia: Nelson Tiny Houses.

Given that I didn't know how long it would take me to get land, I wanted to put my house on a trailer to move it when I need to.

I watched many videos on You Tube, Tiny House Nation on TV, photos of houses. There is a lot of information out there on tiny houses and many people know about them and smile when I tell them I have built a tiny house.

Having spent a year collecting recycled/reused materials, as well as using much of what I already had, for my tiny house, I am proud to have what some say is an art piece in itself, beautiful yet practical. Living in it as I built it with help from family, friends and East Bay Tiny House Enthusiasts, it is finished and I am happily living in it still, and so very satisfying in its finished form! And love to have people come to see it, and be inspired to live sustainably in their own ways..

My long term vision is to create a community living on land with a working small farm, a place for retreat, learning, sharing, celebration, a place where a diversity of people can feel safe and comfortable to be in Nature. 

Please see my blog for more information on how I built my house, some ideas, what to do and not do, etc.  


And beyond my own house is a great desire to see more people be able to live in one too!! To be able to get off the streets or out of their cars. To be able to live easily, peacefully, truly affordably, and legally in our cities and suburbs. It seems to be easier to live in them in rural areas.

I hope to work in a group to legalize tiny houses on wheels in the SF Bay Area. Please watch Living Tiny Legally Parts 1 & 2 on You Tube. Let's do it!!

In the meantime, let me make curtains for your tiny house (check out the second box), or frame your photos and art work in light weight "quilts".

To see full size photos, click on the photo.

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