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Past and Future

I have been a landscaper since 2001. Now, I am a pruner and gardener. Please check out my photo gallery showing past projects of hardscapes, drought tolerant landscapes, pruning befores and afters, transforming clients' gardens into places of beauty they now enjoy.


The future part of this page is the desire to grow my own food, share a farm with like-minded people on land that a community owns or creates a land trust, and lives on. I want to share what knowledge I have of growing plants, pruning trees aesthetically for health and beauty, as well as have links to urban farms and other amazing gardening that is going on around this country and perhaps the world.


A very important thing to point out to be clear is that the can with the long spout to the left on this page, for me, is to feed plants with compost tea and other organic fertilizer, not to spray chemicals that can damage our health and that of the planet!!!

Please click on the photos to bring up a full picture. WIX is not offering the original boxes anymore, this is why the bottom box looks different and must be clicked on to move the photos forward and see the text.

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