May this line of Cozy Cuddly Quilts for children, tweens, teens, adults be as delightful for you or your child in your home, as they are for me to create.

I put flannel on the back to be cozy. I love to put my feet up and drape a cuddly over my feet and legs!

With most of my art, I let the fabric tell me the design, all original. Of course, I am wonderfully inspired by other creators.

Machine pieced and quilted. I kept the quilting to a minimum (though secure) to keep the price down.

The bindings are finished by hand to give a nice clean look.

Hover over the images to see up close. When you click on one, there is a description and photo of the flannel back of the quilts.


Then there a few flannel receiving blankets for the newborns to be cuddled and swaddled in, then later to use as breastfeeding blankets if you wish to cover up, or your toddler can use it for their blankie, or for their stuffies or dolls. Many uses beyond the initial newborn cuddly blanket!!


Then there are a few doll or stuffed animal quilts that your child might like to wrap up their loved ones in cozy cuddliness. 

The hovering applies to all the products on this page. All can be washed, see instructions below.

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Cleaning, Shipping and Return Info

Free shipping, personal delivery of the larger quilts, within 20 Miles of Oakland, CA

Please wash this prewashed quilt (and the other products) carefully in cool or warm water. Dry on low. And please use natural products to protect our environment and health.

Thank you!

If there is any reason for return, please email me first, and do so within 10 days of receipt, customer responsible for return shipping charges. Full refund when I receive the quilt (or product) in its original condition.

May you love your quilt, doll quilt, placemats, potholders and they 

arrive in perfect condition!

Lisa Carey

© 2018 Lisa Carey