Focusing on my Business!

Well, it's time to be more focused on my website. To tell the world that my source of income is tied to this way of communicating. Creating my art is one of the ways I will grow towards financial freedom. What this means to me is just that, freedom!!

To travel, to contribute to organizations who are doing great things for people & the planet, and to my children!

To move my tiny house to land with community, gardening, hiking from my door, listening to birds and the wind in the trees, sharing this abundance with other people. Quilt retreats, writing, meditation, art retreats. A place to get out of the city for a bit. To relax, be in the quiet.

And then other ways I'd like to contribute is speak about my journey with my health, with cancer and surviving and thriving.

Create quilts that depict sacred sites. Quilted maps of our environmental crisis and what we can do about it, what people are already doing about it!!

Create quilts that depict the confluence of climate crisis and social justice.

I'd love to hear from you about what art you are doing that speaks deeply to your heart and soul!!


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