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I realize that I haven't done much blog writing in my Quilted Journey Arts (.com) website. I have taken over someone's blog that already has followers in the quilt world. So it looked like it would get me more traffic. There are hundreds of views in that blog and a comment or two on a post. I think this world of blogging isn't a given. There are many people doing it, and just like anything else, people will follow who they relate to, who gets their attention, who is connected to many people!

I feel like I've abandoned this quilt website in some ways as I try to figure out which direction to go in. I have discovered that I want to send my quilts through the mail, and I like to talk with people, go to fairs and have people see and feel the quilts, feel their softness, their cuddliness. I am setting myself up with a cart to carry things, little tables, folding chair, pay someone to go with me so I can go to the rest room and eat, buy a canopy to be able to stay out of the sun, both myself and my quilts. I made a 3 folding screen, with my son, to hang the quilts on so people can see them. I will hang the little ones from the canopy. Of course if it's inside, then I don't need the canopy. I'm also thinking of being at Farmer's Markets in my area.

So I will add to the website patterns, designs, ideas, showing videos of how to do certain things. I am learning that in order to sell online, the most important thing is to get people to your site! So here I go, off into the online world in order to finance my love of fabric, creating tangible art and get back to my fabric and up cycling my clothes. I finished putting the pockets into my friend's dresses!!! And three of them back to her!

So please visit the plaid portico, my Quilted Journey facebook and instagram pages, (and check out my new website that's just for online exchanges. Oh, and my Shopify store for sewing needs: (see next post for updates on this)


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