A BigJourney to a TinyHouse

I talked a bit about how this all started back on the building page. I also was living with someone that wasn't entirely comfortable for me. As I made my own little "kitchen" within her kitchen for various reasons, I measured the spaces I was using, the cabinet space and refrigerator shelves that were mine, and realized I could really live in a kitchen the size I designed in my tiny house. I had just about everything I owned in 2 bedrooms there, everything that had come from my 750 sq ft cottage.

I moved my clothes from the bureau I was using, into a tall cabinet that I had made and built doors for, to put beside my kids' bunkbed years ago. I saw that all my folded clothes could go in there, and that cabinet, split into two, would be part of my stairs to the loft. I measured the closet space my hanging clothes fit into, and saw that the pieces that had made up my closet in the cottage would become my closet in the tiny house (my renter had taken them out to use the space differently). I saw that the tall narrow bookshelf I used in my quilting studio would also become part of the stairs, and the top of it would be cut off and become the bedside tables beside my bed in the tiny house loft. The jar shelf I had in the cottage kitchen would be cut up, attached to the back side of the cabinets to make them wide enough for the stairs, and be my bulk jar shelves in my tiny house kitchen.

I knew I had made the best choice to use what furniture I had in the design when my daughter walked in to the finished tiny house (being away at school) and said "I love that so much of our childhood things are still in your house". She was upset when I sold the house she grew up in and this is some consolation.

My childrens's Dad's desk is my sink cabinet, bought at a yard sale some 30 years ago and still very sturdy because it is solid wood. Pressed board/melamine cabinets have to be thrown out when they get old, you can't do anything to make them usable again like sanding down, painting, etc.

So when I could see it all coming together using what I already had, starting to gather salvaged materials, I knew I really wanted to do this. Little did I know what lay ahead!!! I will do my best to recreate my process. I learned so much from other people's blogs, videos, designs, and information. I wish I could have done this as I built, but I was much too busy, overwhelmed and tired to write at the same time. Thank you for visiting here!!!

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